King’s Canyon – Ein Gewitter am Abend


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We wanted to get as soon as possible to the Canyon to be able to spend some more time relaxing. Up until now we spend the majority of the time in the car waiting to see something amazing. In all cases it really was amazing. From the refreshing waterfalls in Litchfield to the weird rock formations at Devil’s marbles it was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. There is just no other word to describe it. I don’t want to overrate it by describing it as mind blowing or earth shaking because it really wasn’t. Most of the time it was pristine nature in an amazingly beautiful arrangement. However, I am digressing and all I wanted to say was that we wanted a break. On the way to the canyon we only stopped for fuel, toilets and… oh yeah fuel. Man that shit was getting more expensive every time we stopped. The last stop before King’s Canyon we saw some camels, a donkey and a helipad. Yeah, you were able to take of and see the canyon from the air. However, we quickly got back on the van and arrived at the King’s Canyon resort right before it started raining. Orion, Jamie and I started playing frisbee to get a bit movement and fresh air before the rain got too strong and Orion escaped into the van where Lin and Maddy were waiting for him. After setting for a site to camp we guys went to a viewing platform to see the canyon and saw an awesome thunder show. I didn’t get a nice picture of it but it is in my head and it was wonderful!


We got back to the campsite because the next day we conquered the canyon!

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