Kangaroo Island – Aufgewühlte See, ein majestätischer Anblick


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The next morning didn’t promise a lot. The closer we got the coast the more windy it got and it started raining. However, we were prepared, had warm cloth and jackets. After all: we were back in the moderate south and not the warm and dry desert anymore.

After only an hour (which seems really short compared to the previous distances we travelled) we arrived at the pier. We had to wait a little for the ferry so we decided to use the time for a lunch. Somehow we got used to the same lunch over the last couple of days: sandwich with cheese, cucumber, tomato and spices.

Finally, the ferry arrived. However, most people did not seem to enjoy the rough ride. No matter where you were there were people re-experiencing their lunch. None of us though. We managed to keep our sandwiches inside and arrived healthy and happy on the island.

We read of a nice camping ground right at the beach so we made our way through the jungle of that wonderful island.

We made it to our campsite. It was completely empty, and only a small hut with toilets, no showers and pure peacefulness. We set up camp and enjoyed the night at the beach watching stars, listening to the waves. It was paradise.


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