Alice Springs – Auffrischen und weiter geht’s!


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Another very short and uninteresting day in terms of culture. We got up pretty early at the campsite and started going south. Along the way we had 3 short stops:

Stop 1: Wycliffe Well claims to be Australia’s premier UFO spot. Whatever that means. UFO’s yeah sure.


Stop 2: We visited a Mango Farm. The guys got fresh mango ice cream, had a chat with the girl behind the counter aaand we took off again. We still needed to get to Alice Springs that day.


Stop 3: Aileron. A small community of artists live in Aileron and build 3 massive figures. We didn’t stay long and all the buildings were closed. But it was really quite something.


The next stop was Alice Springs. On the way we found out that hostels were actually cheaper than campsites so we quickly looked up a hostel and pulled into the drive way of what seemed like a suburban house. In the back were some caravans which represented the rooms. It was really nice though. We got free Wifi so I took a look at bing maps (Google and all related websites were blocked due to too high traffic from Youtube the guy at the reception said) to find out about the upcoming (exciting!!!!!!) stops. For the next two days we were planning to go to King’s Canyon and Uluru. After some discussion of what we should do first and how to time everything to get the most out of it we decided to go first to King’s Canyon in the north, stay at the campsite for the night, spend the next morning at the Canyon and take off to Uluru (aka. Ayers Rock). The evening we would spent at Uluru, see the sunset on the rock, wake up early in the morning and see the sunrise on the rock before we take off to Coober Pedy. It sounds all very complicated but it was actually a very good and solid plan.

Afterwards, the planning the next days for a bit we decided to separate for the night. Lin and Maddy went ahead and we guys went to a restaurant to get some food where we happened to meet other students from Adelaide University (Welcome to the touristic sites of Australia!). Afterwards we met with a girls again, had a drink and walked back home. Walking around Alice Springs at night can be really scary and weird. The people living are pretty separated and you have the touristic population on the one side and the aboriginal communities on the others. We heard that it can get clashes between the two parties but we were lucky to not get involved in anything. Instead, Orion, Jamie and I met a nice Aborigine woman had a chat with her. I guess it really depends on how you present yourself.

The next morning we packed the van and left Alice Springs towards King’s Canyon.

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