Adelaide – Ein Stopp, ein bisschen Schlaf und neues packen


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Wow, we made it. We crossed Australia from North to South. What does that mean actually? Let’s have a short recap:

  • We saw the amazing national park of the tropical north.
  • We swam in a river with crocodiles (which we never saw).
  • We visited the devils marbles, round stones in the middle of the desert.
  • We made it to Alice Springs, the King’s Canyon and
  • We saw the most magnificent thing I saw until then: Uluru

And all that in a camper van that looked like it won’t even survive the first day. That is almost exactly 3,000km.

However, not all of us were satisfied. Orion, Jamie and me were convinced that we should still go further and even explore the Island south of Adelaide: Kangaroo Island. With a little convincing we even managed to get Maddy back into the van.

However, we used the time to sleep one night in our own beds, we restocked on supplies and booked the tickets for the ferry.

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